A Good University Campus creates an immense impact on the quality of the college experience.

University Campuses must be designed using social and sustainable principles. to create a lasting impact on students.

Design Strategies for Improved Next Generation Hospitals

Next Generation Hospitals must employ modern design strategies to improve the standard of healthcare in India.

Upgrading the Indian Healthcare Infrastructure

Need for increase in Investment in India’s Healthcare system.

The Pandemic Calls for Critical Changes in How We Design Cities

The COVID-19 crisis has brought to the forefront the shortcomings of metropolises of India

Is Mumbai India’s Sinking City ?

Rahul Kadri in conversation with Rajdeep Sardesai on ‘Mumbai India’s Sinking City?’ India Today, August 06, 2020

Next Generation Hospitals – The Need of the Hour!

Development of better-designed new generation hospitals can help improve the healthcare system in India.