3 Reasons Why Good Architecture is Important for a Country

Date: 26 February 2020.

Have you ever wondered why good architecture is important for the country? Spend some time reading the below content. It will help you understand the impact good architecture!

Better Quality Life

Whether it's a hotel, residential space, or business space, architects add art, creativity, and beauty to it - in ways we don't expect. They know how to give your building the best view or how to make it look more appealing. What’s more? Good architecture and design also help create stronger communities - with healthier neighborhoods and businesses.

Drives Economic Flow

Architecture is not just about four walls and a door - it offers something beyond aesthetic design. It is something that continues to drive economic flow for many years to come. For example, if you are designing some business building or a residential building you need to take certain aspects into account. E.g. the location, connectivity, amenities, medical emergency situations, business goal, client traffic, business growth, etc. All these factors help drive economic growth.

Good Architecture = Society Progress

Good architecture progresses with the times and encourages us to adopt healthier, more efficient habits. It lets our culture progress in a way that we can't predict or force. This is one of the most exciting aspects of architecture and design.

IMK architect is one such firm that crafts timeless, socially responsive, environmentally holistic, economical & robust buildings. One of the top architects in India, the firm has stood by the aim to do extraordinary work since many years.

The firm expertise's in various segments ranging from Healthcare, Hospitality, Educational Campuses, Institutions, Self-Redevelopment, Residential Townships and more. From Shiv Sagar Estate, one of the oldest business hubs in Mumbai, to the Fort Aguada beach resort by the Taj Group, IMK architects used its signature style and keen architectural instinct to create landmark projects across India. All of which has help drive economic growth in the country.

So if you are looking for a residential architect, hospital architect, education architect for schools/ collages, university architect, hotel architect or a resort architect in India – look no further than IMK architect.