6 Strategies To Combat Urban Heat Island Effect

The urban heat island effect occurs when cities experience significantly higher temperatures than surrounding rural areas.

Financing a Sustainable Urban Future in Indian Cities

Urban Planning Strategies to Catalyze Liveable, Green, and Inclusive Cityscapes through Collaborative Financing Initiatives.

Addressing Mumbai’s Housing Crisis through Self-Redevelopment

The re-introduction of the self-redevelopment scheme is a promising avenue to empower citizens and improve the city’s housing landscape.

Strategies for Designing Schools that Foster Growth, Learning and Collaboration

Nurturing Young Minds Through Thoughtful Design

Fostering Learning and Interaction Through Design

IMK Architects’ Approach to Campus Design and Masterplanning

Alternative Construction Techniques to Ramp Up Healthcare Infrastructure

With the goal of time and cost optimisation, the modular system approach rises in the playing field for construction techniques.

Ecological Landscapes for Environmental Sustainability.

Strategies for Designing Delightful and Sustainable Open Spaces

Transforming Mumbai One Neighbourhood at a Time.

Rahul Kadri on how the upcoming Nepean Sea Road revitalization project serves as a model for inclusive city-making.

Re-thinking Modern Indian Architecture and Building Materials for a Better Environment

Due to rapid urbanisation, construction activities have been steadily rising over the past few decades.

Concrete Measures - Are They Enough?

"Instead of merely concretising roads, planning authorities, architects, and urban planning experts must come together to design and build better road infrastructure.

Calamity-Proofing High-Rise Apartment Buildings: Fires

"Early detection and proper management of a fire outbreak is the best approach in case of a crisis."

Calamity-Proofing High-Rise Apartment Buildings: Earthquakes

"It is critical to check aspects of the building design that would help ascertain the degree of earthquake resistance."

Calamity-Proofing High-Rise Apartment Buildings: Floods & Hurricanes

"Critical service systems such as boilers, elevators, generators and water pumps, are located underground the risk to those systems in a flood is high."

Answering the Woes of India’s Public Transport Systems

City municipalities and planning bodies must take a step towards implementing policies and investing in the idea of a "15-minute city"

Enabling Smooth Wayfinding in Hospitals

As architects and designers, we must strive to create hospital spaces that are easy to identify and navigate

SCRUM: An Inclusive, Efficient and Effective Design Process

“Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed.”
-- Peter Drucker

Healthcare Design for the Post-Pandemic World

Flaws in healthcare infrastructure design have come to the fore and it has become imperative to address and resolve them in our healthcare design models

Architecture for Education - Shaping Holistic Learning Environments

Within the realm of educational design, the understanding of the intricate relationship between students and their environment is significant.

Bringing in Biophilia

Across the globe, the rate of urbanisation is accelerating today. As our cities and towns become larger and denser, open, green spaces in urban areas are increasingly shrinking

A budget for the People, by the People

As a democratic tool, participatory budgeting holds the key to addressing the needs and aspirations of a more representative sample of people.

Is Mumbai Set to Sink or Swim?

The monsoon downpours and cyclonic storms bring the city to a standstill year after year. Why is it that the city is not equipped to deal with these recurring events?

Human-Centric Hospitality Design

At IMK Architects, we seek to create an assemblage of experiences, both personal and collective, that resonate with a destination’s aim of being unique and memorable.

The Architecture of Sustainability

“Sustainability” has often been touted as a magic pill in response to climate change, but what does it really mean and can it solve one of the biggest challenges of our times?

Participatory Democracy: A Blueprint for Inclusive City-Making

The past few years have seen some contentious urban development projects in our country. So what should be the ideal planning process for public projects?

The Future of Education Design Lies in Creating Flexible Learning Environments

There is an imminent need to re-think our model of educational design and conscientiously adopt one that aids in building a safer community to cultivate learning.

Creating Places Where People Thrive: IMK Architects’ Approach to Urban Design and Master-Planning

Within large-scale master-planning and housing projects, the understanding of the intricate relationship between man and environment assumes critical relevance.

Three Simple Solutions to All Our Transportation and Congestion

The larger question remains – what led to the transportation problem being the way it is? The answer to these lies in 3 simple solutions.

The Year Gone By: Design Director Anuprita Dixit on Learning from the Pandemic

We look back at 2020 with positivity and seek to carry forward all our learnings in the future with renewed zeal and determination.

Formalising the Informal: The Potential of Self-Development of Slum Communities

The vision of a slum-free city needs to be viewed through the lens of inclusive development.

Coastal Road Projects Don't Just Damage the Environment – They Are Also Out-dated

While many cities in the West are moving towards being more walk-able, India is still building infrastructure for cars.

What Is Maharashtra’s Self-Redevelopment Scheme for Housing Societies and Why It Needs a Financial Lifeline

The democratic model of self-redevelopment needs to be safeguarded if we are to solve Mumbai’s housing crisis.

A Good University Campus creates an immense impact on the quality of the college experience.

University Campuses must be designed using social and sustainable principles. to create a lasting impact on students.

Design Strategies for Improved Next Generation Hospitals

Next Generation Hospitals must employ modern design strategies to improve the standard of healthcare in India.

Upgrading the Indian Healthcare Infrastructure

Need for increase in Investment in India’s Healthcare system.

The Pandemic Calls for Critical Changes in How We Design Cities

The COVID-19 crisis has brought to the forefront the shortcomings of metropolises of India

Is Mumbai India’s Sinking City ?

Rahul Kadri in conversation with Rajdeep Sardesai on ‘Mumbai India’s Sinking City?’ India Today, August 06, 2020

Next Generation Hospitals – The Need of the Hour!

Development of better-designed new generation hospitals can help improve the healthcare system in India.