educational architecture projects

Having designed more then 35 Educational buildings, IMK architects has a very deep knowledge about what Educational design needs to be..


We believe in inspirational designs, with distinct spaces to create lasting impressions


We create places where students, frienships and creativty thrives

Connected to nature

Abundance of natural glare free daylight and cross ventilation , reducing energy consumption and creating a positive learning environment We strive to make NETT ZERO buildings


We focus on creating robust, low maintenance, low construction and life cycle cost design solutions


Safety and harmony is of paramount importance in our designs We focus on the students well-being in the learning environment

architecture of the Institute

The ambitions of the students needs to be realized in the architecture of the Institute See all Institutes here

architecture of the Institute
school architecture

A student centric School design helps nurture and encourage the creative process, allowing for growth and evolution See all Schools here

University Campus

A campus should put the creativity of its inhabitants first See all University Campus here

University Campus

At IMK we believe a collaboration with all stakeholders brings out the highest potential of a project. We form our design briefs through intensive workshops based on our IMK Scrum process. To know more click here


Design Mistakes to avoid while planing an educational institute


Design Principle to plan a net zero university campus


Criterias to select an architect for your university campus