residential self redevelopment

benefits of residential self-Redevelopment

The concept of Self-Redevelopment of ones’ own residential society is an enormously beneficial procedure for the members. But in todays time and scenario are you aware of the remarkable‘New Ways’ to Self Redevelop your society with full control and maximum benefits?
double area than a builder
direct control of the process
more surplus funds
timely rent
utilitarian amenities for the society
enhanced communal living
property rights in the name of the society
transparency in process

challenges of residential self-Redevelopment

Due to lack of information and Self Redevelopment of residential societies still being at a nascent stage there aren’t too many success stories to prove its credibility. Due to which Self redevelopment seems like a big hurdle for many.The society needs an efficient professional team which has thorough knowledge from start to handover to make it a success.

residential architects
Not having A Proficient Team
Raising Finance
Efficient Decision Making
Overall Project Management
Repayment of loan
imk Solution
Consortium Of Empanelled Experts
Linkages With Banks And NBFCs For Funding
Transparency In Decision Making With Society And Empanelled Experts
Design - Approvals - Tendering Execution - Hand Over Marketing & Sales
Linkages With Real Estate Consultancy Firms For Marketing And Sal

IMK process of residential self-Redevelopment


We have an Intense workshop with all society members and listen to all your needs. We understand your highest desires for a home and create a design specifically for you and your family to Flourish.

process driven

We prioritize your needs with our unique IMK scrum process and derive a design requirement unique to your society. We provide a strategic vision for your project based on our experience and creativity to make it truly successful.

holistic approach

We believe in designing holistic buildings that inspires the user and evoke a feeling of awe within them. Our major focus lies on optimization of spaces, services and ensure a cost-effective design. We aim at planning a structurally viable building which is robust and built on schedule.
residential self redevelopment Projects

IMK Architects has been working with various residential societies in Mumbai and developing their feasibility reports and collaborating with societies for designing their Self Redevelopment projects. To know more contact us. at