Our Key Clients

Our Designs are born from 7 Design Principles

Contextual Response

We Understand and Express the essence of the place, it’s unique architecture, craft & culture in a contemporary way. We strive for building which are timeless and spaces which are memorable.

Hospitality design

Listen & Align

We strive to Understand deeply who the important customers are and what they will truly value, and reconnect our guest to a fresh hospitality experience that leaves them wanting to return

Hospitality design

Connect to Nature

Our designs ensure an enhanced connection to Nature and are intrinsically Biophilic.


Deepen Bonds

We believe friendships are important and create opportunities for couples, families to interact and deepen bonds.


Celebrate Friendships

We create places and activities for new friendships to flourish.


Robust Designs

We thoroughly design and detail so that your hotel is built robustly for minimum maintenance. Our experience in designing ranges from exotic resorts in rugged terrains to a corporate hotel in an urban environment.


Intrinsically Sustainable

We strive to achieve NET ZERO on Energy and Water so that your energy costs are minimum.


At IMK Architects, with a team of expert architects, strategists, engineers and urban planners, your project will transcend all previous standards .

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