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The New Generation Healthcare Design

IMK Architects has 50 years of experience designing Hospitals and is constantly striving to build the best Next Generation Hospitals
minimise cross infection

By having effective natural ventilation

segregation of zones

Thorough segration of general semi-sterile & sterile zones

nett zero energy systems

Nett Zero designs leading to huge savings in operation costs

patient centric designs

Designed for faster healing with connection to nature and apt interconnectivity of departments

servicibility & engineering

Apt location of services and maintenance areas. Engineered to be built in 12 months

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We believe good designs benefits all partakers - patients, doctors, staff, and ofcourse Hospital Developers. To arrive at design solutions for our healthcare clients, we often derive innovative ideas from our expertise of other sectors like Hospitality, education or commercial. The benefit of working with a multidisciplinary design firm is the ability to gather and translate understandings from these projects into usable information for the healthcare sector.

our designs are
Design of Healthcare


Our designs of Healthcare facility transcend to help patients’ recuperate effectively, include safety and promote productivity & innovation. It is our focus to design carefully for all stakeholders for its entire life cycle.

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Process Driven

We have a unique process to efficiently evaluate the best functional, Cost and Energy efficient strategies for integrating in a health care facility. We help formulate an optimum design brief with the flexibility to make the facility future proof

Hospital Design Architects in Bangalore


We are focused to devise a solution which promote better health, than just healthcare.

Our designs always strive towards reducing Life cycle cost of the facility. A building which epitomizes healing in all senses

IMK architects offers the best Healthcare design solutions for your project
design considerations

For a Healthcare Building

key features

Of a NET ZERO Healthcare Building


To avoid while Healthcare Planning and Design

important factors

To consider For selecting an Architect for Healthcare Buildings