5 Reasons Why Architects Should Play Video Games

Date: 27 January 2020.

Whether you are a hospital architect, hotel architect, educational architect or a residential architect in India - as architects, you often think of yourselves as a creative person – one who often sketches, draws, sculpts or paints to express yourselves. But on a casual Saturday, if you spend some time with some little ones playing video games, you will realize that this medium could offer some unique and unusual benefits to your architectural mind! Here’s what you can learn

Gaming environments hold an inspiration

A game environment is often an imaginary world that holds the designer’s wish list – probably their player’s wish list too. It not only allows you to generate imagery that is close to the real world, but it also allows you to explore something radically different – that’s opening the world of possibilities.

Improve hand-eye coordination (psstt.. and feel a little younger)

You can admit that little youngsters can easily beat you in a few games. The hand-eye coordination, superior control, and eye for detail are all that seems to have developed as an unprecedented side effect of being great at video games. Just like Malcom Galdwell cites in this book Blink, doing something effectively and continuously can help you master the skill without even knowing.

Increase your strategic thinking

There are many brain games out there that allow you to cultivate strategic thinking and problem-solving. Some ask you to find an imposter. Others challenge you to survive in challenging environments. There are a good few that make you solve a problem before you jump levels. In all of these, there is also a common element of fun and gamification that eggs you to move on as you think harder.

Gaming develops a personality trait

In a multi-game player environment, you can see a shy, nerdy little youngster turning into a leader who shows great team-coordination skills, fighter spirit, and a sporting attitude. But then, there are games where he chooses to follow the leader and be a team player too. These are all life skills that architects need.

Reduce stress levels

Games are fun. They take your mind off your immediate worries and allow you to channelize your attention towards something that can be fun a relaxing. So go on and try that games during your break time.

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