8 Spectacular Hotels Designed by IMK Architects

Date: 23 December 2020.

IMK, one of the top hotel architects in India, has designed some spectacular hotels. From modern-day heavy hitters to historical structures, the team prides itself in offering memorable, one-of-a-kind architecture.

The hotels designed by IMK architect are:

1. Taj Mahal Hotel, Delhi

The Taj Mansingh in Delhi was built to reflect the character of the capital city in all its grandeur. The IMK team incorporated elements of the Moghul era to add majesty and splendor to this five-star hotel.

2. Sahyadri Guest House, Mumbai

The new Sahayadri Guest House is a blend of functionality and aesthetics. Whilst the colonial aura of the original bungalow was maintained, thoughtful design and planning added a sophisticated elegance and grandeur to the new Sahyadri Guest House - the showpiece of Maharashtra.

3. The Oberoi, Bangalore

The Oberoi, this four and a half-acre property in Bangalore, was inspired by the city’s numerous gardens. Taking cues from Bangalore’s tryst with nature the hotel was built into the existing greenery and flora of the city.

4. Club Mahindra Madikeri Resort, Coorg

The Club Mahindra Madikeri Resort at Coorg was the result of a design competition between six architectural firms. I.M Kadri Architects won the contest and decided to look locally for inspiration. The resort was planned along the edge of the Cardamom Valley. It is strategically positioned to save every single tree on the site.

5. Rambagh Palace Hotel, Jaipur

This historic jewel is a grand palace hotel unlike any other. Built in Rajasthan, one of India’s most colourful and tourist-friendly states, the hotel offers 79 deluxe rooms, including aesthetically restored suites, which were the chambers of the former Maharaja.

6. Reliance Guest House, Madhya Pradesh

The Reliance guesthouse, built in tropical Sassan, is unique and awe-inspiring. Set with earthy tones and materials - this structure offers a relaxing post-work environment.

7. Fort Aguada Beach Resort, Goa

This scenic resort is one of the most well-loved Indian hotels by both domestic and international travelers.

Situated along Goa’s stunning coastline, Fort Aguada Beach Resort greets you to an exhilarating atmosphere. Surrounded by sloping hills, the blue sky, the old walls of the fort, and the vast ocean, this place truly offers a timeless hospitality experience.

8. Ajanta Ambassador, Aurangabad

Hotel Ajanta is a formal concept, with a sweeping semi-circular driveway overlooking Moghul fountains, and a canopy reminiscent of the Moghul pleasure gardens overhanging a swimming pool. Beautifully designed, the overall décor and architectural elements in Hotel Ajanta gives you a distinctly Mughal feel.

All the above hotels offer pure sophistication and luxury. Crafted by one of the top hotel design architects - IMK architect, these hotels stand true to the concept of comfort and convenience.

IMK architect understands and expresses the essence of the place, it’s unique architecture, craft & culture in a contemporary way. The team strives for buildings that are timeless and memorable spaces.

If you are planning for similar projects, get in touch with the team today. One of the best hotel architects/ resort design architects in India, the team will help you create a masterpiece, that will stand out from the rest.