Architecture Has the Ability to Delight, Inspire, and Transform

Date: 27 September 2021.

Much like a masterpiece painting, architecture is an art form that has the ability to delight, inspire, and transform. The facets of architecture are varied and fascinating. Whether it’s a hotel architect, school architect, hospital architect, or residential architect, these professionals indulge in a range of jobs, including spatial design, aesthetics, safety management, material management, and several others. Architects assess the client's vision, requirements & budget, perform the research and analysis required, provide feasible design solutions and construct the visualized design after a thorough investigation on expenses/expenditure.

Be it any kind of project, it is the architect’s responsibility to bring the client's creative ideas to reality while keeping in mind the needs of those using the constructed space.

The Phases of Architecture

The basic phases of architecture are mentioned below:

  • Pre-Design: This phase involves understanding the scope of the project, reviewing the plan, analyzing the site, understanding the zoning requirements
  • Schematic Design: This phase involves translating the project requirements into technical drawings, like room designs, number of floors plans, the height of the building, etc
  • Design Development: This phase involves understanding the materials required, the mechanical aspects, the electrical, plumbing, energy requirements, etc
  • Construction Documentation: This phase involves writing a comprehensive set of instructions, with everything from the type of floor tiles, the window knob to the location of exit and entrance, to handing over the proposal to contractors, etc.
  • Construction Administration: This phase involves visiting the site and supervising until the construction is complete.

Each phase represents months/years of work. Great time and care are placed in every single detail of the project. Architects also wrestle with the prevalent weather conditions with all their will to ensure the desired project is ultimately built as visualized and promised to the client. And as they say, passion eventually stands the test of all adversities.

IMK Architects is one such architectural firm that uses a unique IMK scrum process to derive a design that’s unique to the society. The firm provides a strategic vision for your project based on its experience and creativity to make it truly successful.

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