Auric Hall: Substantial Design - An Example for Civic Architecture for Upcoming Smart Cities

Date: 26 January 2022.

IMK Architects, one of top architects in India, has crafted the brilliant masterpiece Auric Hall, a landmark for Aurangabad Industrial City.

This article explains why this top architectural firm in India is proud of Auric Hall, and what makes this structure unique from the rest.

Auric Hall is the landmark District Administrative Building within the Central Business District of the industrial city. The building is both the monitoring and the administrative nerve center for the smart city, housing the main command control room to manage all the civic utilities on a real-time platform centrally. It offers incubation spaces to the industrial houses setting up at the township and has also been planned to operate as the anchor building that will cater to the needs of staff, visitors, and function as a sales center.

Sustainable Design

Auric hall has been designed incorporating climate-responsive and sustainable design practices, embodying low energy costs, and use of high-performance materials to achieve Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Gold Performance.

Offers amazing daylight with minimal heat gain

The building has amazing daylight with a minimal heat gain facility. It is a functionally efficient building, well-integrated with natural features and landscape within the site to create an interesting blend of the built form and semi-covered or open spaces while meeting access, parking, and other on-site requirements.

The building is oriented to allow maximum glare-free light into the office spaces, while simultaneously minimizing heat gain. The layout consists of the large central north-facing atrium, maximized with a glass surface to optimize the daylight from the north, with office blocks abutting it on the other three sides, wrapped with an intricate modular jaali. The atrium width, as well as the width of the offices surrounding it, was controlled to ensure maximum daylighting. The jaali screen controls the airflow and lowers the temperature of internal spaces, while also providing natural diffused sunlight into the building. The atrium is covered with a skylight at the roof level made of polycarbonate sheets that permit glare-free light that actully block the heat gain.

Water conservation measures

Water conservation measures have been adopted by maximizing landscape plantation areas with controlled irrigation measures. Additionally, the runoff from the paved surfaces, as well as the terraces are harvested by allowing for groundwater recharge. The use of efficient plumbing fixtures and installation of wastewater treatment systems further aids the same. The use of solar panels and energy metering and management systems facilitates energy efficiency while CO2 monitoring enables indoor environmental quality control.

Fresh contemporary touch to the traditional Mughal Architecture

The Auric Hall design lends a fresh contemporary touch to the traditional Mughal Architecture. The choreography of light and shadows, created by the intricacies in the bold Jaali patterns engulfing the building, along with elaborate yet structurally minimalistic gateways, form a fascinating storyline. A precise harmony of proportion, rhythm, materials, textures, details, and beauty is achieved to craft a functional and robust office space that sets a new paradigm amidst such institutional buildings.

Recognized and appreciated by the Prime Minister of India

Inaugurated and appreciated by the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi in September 2019, AURIC Hall is not only meaningful in its objective, but also manifests itself as an indigenous, leading edge of people's highest aspirations, whilst allowing people to thrive in its environs.

IMK Architects, always aims to craft buildings that are contemporary, yet timeless. By using use cutting edge technology and innovation, the firm aims to build environments that evoke awe and inspire. To know more about this a top architectural firm in Mumbai, pls connect with the team today!