Benefits of Natural Light in Architecture

Date: 10 May 2021.

Lighting plays a vital role in architecture. Whether buildings and structures are lit artificially or naturally, lighting enhances the surrounding to a great extent. Healthcare architects, resort architects, residential architects, educational architect etc. - understand the importance of lighting in architecture. As a result, they try incorporating natural lighting in every possible project.

If you are a newbie in the architectural field - read below to understand how natural light plays a chronic role in architecture.

Enhances the Quality of Spaces

Appropriate integration of natural lighting increases the value of the space. The overall dimension of the space, the colour choices, the furniture and materials, the surface finishes, and the time of the day – every single element influences and affects the way light reacts in a living space.

Additionally, natural light makes the space look and feel bigger. It helps promote airflow which in turn keeps the air fresh all around.

Can Help Prevent Mould

Rooms that do not have proper natural sunlight tend to promote the growth of fungi and moulds. This makes the room gloomy, smelly and uncomfortable to stay. However, natural light could keep the space clean and mildew free.

Helps Conserve Energy

Utilizing natural light can lead to substantial energy savings. According to studies, electric lighting in buildings consumes more than 15 percent of all electricity generated. Spaces outfitted with natural light or daylight-sensing controls can reduce the energy consumption by 20-60 percent.

Opting to use natural light as your primary source in your home or commercial property will not only shave precious pennies off your electricity bills but will also enable you to reap all of the other benefits natural light has on your health.

Offer Several Health Benefits

Natural lighting has been touted for its many health benefits by designers and researchers alike. Health experts claim that naturally lit environments increase occupant’s comfort and well-being. It improves mood, enhances morale, increases energy levels, lowers stress and induces sleep. It rejuvenates an individual’s mind, body and soul and helps one stay calm and happy.

Lighting can bring an emotional value to architecture – it helps create an experience for those who occupy the space. Without lighting, where would architecture be? Would it still have the same impact? No, it wouldn’t.

In terms of design, natural light remains a principal trend. Architecture companies that embrace this trend are highly appreciated and valued in the market.

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