Culture and Leisure Projects Created by IMK Architect

Date: 30 December 2020.

One of the top architecture firms in India, IMK architect has designed some marvelous projects for culture and leisure. Distinctive in their own right, these famous projects are renowned for various reasons—some for their architectural charm, others for their historical significance, and some for a healthy mix of both.

Read below to explore some of the projects designed by IMK architect:

Yashraj Studios – Andheri, Mumbai

A first of its kind project, this is India’s first in-sync recording studio, where sound can be recorded during the video take. The studio is designed for acoustic quality and is highly versatile with a specially devised studio lighting system to create required lighting effects in the minimum time. A three-story high atrium with a cascading waterfall, planters, and shaded pergolas forms - this space brightens the mood of all visitors, celebrities, and the staff.

Shanmukhananda Hall – King’s Circle, Mumbai

Shanmukhananda Hall caught fire in the nineties resulting in damage to the entire hall. The work of renovation was assigned to I.M. Kadri Architects. The stage was redesigned and a five-storied tower was constructed over the new stage. The tower accommodates a medical services section, a bank, and certain offices of Shanmukhananda. (Earlier these activities were housed in corridors around the main auditorium)

Nehru Centre- Worli, Mumbai

Nehru Centre today is a premier art and cultural centre in the country. It is one of the city’s most favoured auditorium. This centre at Mumbai was designed as a living memorial to India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. The cylindrical memorial tower is noted for its fretwork – like, latticed or crosshatched cladding. It houses a 1000-seater auditorium, a library, an art gallery, and various other exhibition rooms and office spaces.

Haj House – South Mumbai

The Haj House was planned as a very elegant and layered design. It was designed as a modern building that has the appearance of a typical Islamic structure. The Haj House is veiled in jaalis. Visually these jaalis unify the edifice; so as to functionally provide light and ventilation. Koranic verses adorn the granite walls on the first floor. These verses were chosen by learned Islamic scholars. To ensure that the verses were correctly inscribed on the granite walls, the calligraphers did the calligraphy on-site in the presence of Islamic scholars.

Otters Club - Bandra, Mumbai

Otters Club was one of the first aquatic clubs to come up in Bandra. It came at a time when Bandra was a far-flung suburb. The Club was designed to make the maximum out of the magnificent views the Arabian sea offered. It was designed to be as visually porous as possible so as to enhance its connection to the sea.

All the above buildings are breathtaking in terms of both design and functionality. Through structural shapes, unique design concepts, and decorative details, these buildings showcase glamour, attraction, and appeal.

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