Decongesting Nagpur with Ensaara Metropark | IMK Architect

Date: 24 February 2022.

Ensaara Metropark, this masterpiece in Nagpur is built by IMK Architects, one of the best urban design firms in Mumbai.

Spread over 312 acres of land, the project is located close to the inner and outer ring roads in the heart of Nagpur’s upcoming growth centre. The design was conducted in collaboration with master planners HOK, landscape architects Cracknell, infrastructure consultants Feedback Infra, structural consultants J+W and MEP consultants Eskayem. The Ensaara Metropark is planned with a vision to decongest Nagpur City and to provide a satellite township for second generations and growing families of those residing in Nagpur.

Ensaara has also been planned with a strong emphasis on its social spaces. Nearly 50 per cent of the township (150 acres) is open space like parks, public gardens, plazas, orchards, vegetable plots, family kitchen gardens and a lake. Keeping pace with the country’s changing energy needs, Ensaara is designed as a sustainable and integrated township – rainwater harvesting systems is employed across the Metropark, a fully integrated water recycling system which would provide water for flushing and irrigation is set up, roof mounted solar panels are proposed to conserve energy and effective sewage treatment practices are implemented.

Energy efficient buildings are planned with thermal paint and double-glazing. With new innovative technology such as creating ‘edible buildings’ – providing opportunities for urban roof top farming, growing fruits and vegetables in private vegetable plots and orchards and buildings with terrace green at every apartment level to transforming an existing nallah on site into a pristine wetland garden – the project is visionary and brings a fresh approach to housing and infrastructure.

About the project.

An area of 20 lakh sq. ft. is residential, and 5 lakh sq. ft. is non-residential. Apart from 3,000 homes the development includes a school, a hospital, an indoor sports complex and clubhouse, a broad range of shops, cafes and restaurants, a temple complex, a hotel, a business complex, a fire and police station and a bus station and shuttle service to the city centre.

IMK at Ensaara Metropark

As architect for the Ensaara Metropark, I.M. Kadri Architects has engaged with the project right from the master plan in collaboration with HOK to design detail during the construction phase. A thorough study of the site and current business need was followed by development of individual housing typologies. The hierarchy of building heights was carefully negotiated to create visual variety and interest in the skyline. Interaction nodes and a variety of open and semi-open spaces were integrated into the overall landscape scheme in conjunction with the landscape consultants. The commercial component was planned such that each phase was equipped with basic amenities for the residents.

Founded in 1957, IMK Architects design philosophy is based on Biophilic Architecture. The focus and commitment is to provide designs that are site sensitive and in harmony with nature. This urban design firm in Mumbai ensures designs provide vibrant and warm spaces, which are socially responsive where people thrive and activities flourish. To know more about this top architect in India, get in touch with the team today.