Difference Between an Architect and an Interior Designer

Date: 26 September 2021.

Both architects and interior designers are involved with designing buildings and spaces. Though linked, their scope of work is different. People often get confused between these overlapping professions. Hence we take you through these differences in this section.


An architect is a professional who designs, reviews, and oversees the construction of buildings. He/she creates a structure on a given space that is both functional and pleasing to the eye at the same time.

They plan the basic structure of the building that includes the placement of rooms, dining room, kitchen, balcony, garden, etc in a way that the environment fits the people that use them, and not that the people need to fit the environment.

They take care of factors such as the form of the building, facade treatment, internal planning, building services, the orientation of the building according to the sunlight, and so on. Whether it's a hotel architect, resort architect, school architect, or residential architect, their chief responsibility is to design the building according to the client’s requirements and as per the local building by-laws.

Basic prime responsibilities include:

  • Prepare a design proposal and budget plan
  • Finalize contracts with construction crews and contractors
  • Produce conceptual plans, renderings, and documents
  • Attend client meetings
  • Regular travel to building sites and inspect construction progress
  • Review project needs
  • Review building codes and applicable regulations etc
Interior Designer

After a building is constructed, it is the interior designer’s responsibility to beautify the indoor space and make it livable. These professionals design the furniture, fixtures, and other accessories to create the desired look. Sometimes the space can be created through the simple allocation of fabrics, paints, and furnishings while other times it may require a more intensive remodel whereby construction contractors are hired. The professionals try to incorporate both beauty and functionality while maintaining safety through adherence and knowledge of building codes and rules.

Interior designers have strong spatial skills along with a myriad of aesthetic design skills. They are certainly the ones to hire if you crave a beautiful space- their skills go way beyond beauty.

Basic prime responsibilities include:

  • Prepare project design proposals for the space
  • Meet with potential clients to discuss the projects
  • Present a budget to clients
  • Modify their design to fit the budget and needs of the client
  • Make use of secure materials etc

To conclude, both architects and interior designers are interesting, creative creatures - they bring the much-needed skill-sets to the table when it comes to creating beautiful spaces.

With interior designers offering interior skills and architects offering exterior design skills – ensure you look at your individual project to decide whose skills best fit your needs.

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