Educational Nucleus in a Natural Setting - Jindal Vidya Mandir and Vocational Training Center, Ratnagiri

Date: 23 February 2022.

Jindal Vidya Mandir, Ratnagiri, designed by one of the top architects in India, IMK Architects, offers an impressive learning experience. Incorporating indigenous characteristics, guided by natural contours to dispose an impactful climate responsive structure within a placid environment, the building structure has been appreciated by most industry experts.

The design upholds collaborative learning and social-skill development through its multi-dimensional spatial arrangement. A central triple-height courtyard physically and visually connects spaces across different levels to become vibrant center of activity. This visual connect fosters a sense of transparency between the indoors, outdoors and the landscape – creating a safe environment for interaction. Additionally, the school’s interactive play equipment, colourful facades and textures add to the lively environment. The design integrates passive design strategies to ensure an abundance glare free Northlight within each classroom. The façade’s boxed forms and deep projections minimize heat gain — creating a thermally comfortable environment to enhance focused learning.

The Jindal Vidya Mandir at the JSW power plant township at Ratnagiri has been planned as part of the town center along with a clubhouse and shopping facilities. A strong emphasis on ‘walk to school’ led to the planning of a wide tree shaded walkway to connect the school complex with the staff housing zone. The walkway runs along the edge of a picturesque valley encouraging the residents to walk instead of using their vehicles. The school is strategically located on top of a cliff on the edge of the coastal regulatory zone line with excellent views of the valleys ending at the beaches below. It is currently planned for 400 students with a master plan in place for expanding it to thrice its capacity. The school offers the CBSE curriculum for primary education at the township with classes from kindergarten to eighth grade.

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