Evolution in Healthcare Design

Date: 28 October 2021.

Healthcare buildings are often described as “healing spaces,” but are they? Charged by emotions such as stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, hospital environments are hardly breeding grounds for soothing emotions.

Recently, the concept of ‘Biophilia’ has been gaining ground. This concept holds a lot of potential when it comes to building healthcare facilities. Nature’s healing potential has been well documented and observed scientifically. For hospital staff, a connection with nature helps in reducing stress levels, fatigue, and improve work efficiency. A positive environment is achieved due to a human being’s innate sense of calm when closer to nature. The Biophilic design also aids in the faster recovery of patients, which in turn helps to reduce/ease work pressure. It creates an overall sense of well-being within the built environment of the hospital.

Hospital planning should play a vital role in curtailing the spread of diseases and not act as a catalyst in amplifying the spread of disease. This can be achieved by better planning, zoning, and segregation of areas, use of the right materials, providing natural ventilation in as many areas as possible.

One of the best healthcare architecture firms in India, IMK Architects take pride in offering designs that promote better health, than just healthcare. The designs always strive towards reducing life cycle cost of the facility. A building which epitomizes healing in all senses.

The concept of Biophilic is adopted mindfully in IMK’s Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Centre. The courtyard has maintenance-free tiles and stones. It enables the user to experience the greenery without direct access to it to prevent the spread of dust or soil within the interior space of the hospital.

Being a hospital architect the team understands the vital role that healthcare facilities play in our society and strives to create buildings that empower medical providers and patients alike. With unsurpassed service, quality, and creativity the firm prides to provide customized solutions for the entire spectrum of healthcare institutions even in the future.