Glass – a Material for Sustainable Building

Date: 26 August 2021.

With global warming being a topic of concern, property developers are finding ways to improve the environment for a better future. Building architects are always looking for that edge in their work – and when it comes to sustainability, glass has become their secret weapon.

With buildings contributing to nearly 40% of Greenhouse Gas emissions, glass has become the choice in construction. Today architects consider glass to be the ideal, sustainable material for green buildings. Read below to find out why:

Maintains Optimal Temperature

Glass is known to be an excellent green material. Types of glasses like solar control glasses and low-E glass can reflect heat or UV rays to maintain an optimal temperature inside the building. This helps building remain invariably cool be it any season.


Glass is made from sand, a resource that isn’t hard to find nor mine. All you need is heat and you can start creating glass. Naturally, today’s glass is more sophisticated, but it still derives from the same basic resources. This makes it sustainable from the cradle onwards.

Glass is also recyclable – 60 to 90 percent of glass is recycled and 30 percent of raw glass material is from recycled glass –it can be recycled again and again.

Promotes Good Light

Glass ensures that the building gets ample natural light, making interiors look brighter and livelier reducing the need for artificial lighting, or in other words, reducing the electricity bill. Ample light indoors makes the space look more spacious and roomy, an important factor to consider given today ‘s shrinking living spaces in urban areas. Moreover, this aspect enhances the general health & well-being of the occupants and plays a role in accomplishing a pleasant indoor environment.

Glass today has become an integral part of modern-day architecture. Using glass in a building instantly adds a touch of modernity to the living space. It not only gives architects the choice of finish and a manifestation to their design aspirations, but it also gives a wonderful chance to participate with the outside world.

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