Hotel Architecture Post Pandemic

Date: 03 October 2020.

As the COVID 19 virus spreads globally, architects are busy researching new design techniques that can be incorporated in the upcoming hospitality projects. Experienced architects from all over the globe are trying to understand how the pandemic will change the way hotels will be conceptualized and built.

While addressing the current challenges, some of the industry experts came up with the following suggestions:

  • According to research, hotel design architects will need to build a space where all the elements will be designed with minimum human contacts - a space that will drive guests to enjoy the spaces just through the visual sense.Automated entry systems, a one-card identification system, touch-free interactions like scanners, and technology-based sanitization will evolve as a new normal for hotels.
  • The design of public spaces like lobbies and reception areas will require important changes. A simple transition from a pivoted glass door with a handle to an automated sliding or revolving glass door might be the first of many subtle changes. The selection of materials needs to be done properly, e.g. hotels can usefewer carpets and rugs, and more tiles and stone. The aim would be to find a material that's both safe and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Due to the pandemic guests might want to experience services like salons, spa, and fitness in the security and privacy of their room. Hence, hotel architects will have to build larger multifunctional rooms and suites, which will give guests the option to work, live, eat in the refuge of their private space.
  • To prevent bottlenecks and to minimize points of human contact hotel design architectswill need to create signage throughout the hotel. This will help guests move around safely, without creating too much confusion and overcrowding at one spot.

The global pandemic has slowed down the business in the hotel industry. However, hotel architects are extremely positive about the future and hope to build beautiful hotels going forward as well.

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