I.M. Kadri the Sheriff of Bombay

Date: 29 November 2021.

Iftikhar M. Kadri is an Indian architect, civil engineer, and founder of I.M.K Architects in the city of Mumbai, India. He has been a key figure in contributing to world-renowned landmark buildings in several parts of India, and around the world.

Mr. Kadri was born in Ahmedabad. He finished his schooling in New Delhi at Jamia Millia Islamia and completed his civil engineering degree at the Engineering College of the University of Pune in 1953. Driven by the belief that architecture shapes society and human life over time, he set up his architectural practice I.M. Kadri Architects (now IMK Architects) in 1957 in Mumbai, and later expanded it in 1971 to Bengaluru and Muscat.

During his working years, he went on to design many Indian hotels in the 1970s and 1980s, including many Taj hotels built in that era like the Taj Mahal (Mansingh) and Taj Palace Hotels in New Delhi. Other notable buildings designed by Kadri include the Shivsagar Estate, Nehru Center, Ceat Mahal, Happy Home, and School for the Blind and Otter’s Club in Mumbai.

In recognition of his extensive social work, the Government of Maharashtra appointed I.M. Kadri the Sheriff of Bombay for the 1994 term. The Government of Maharashtra also appointed him as a member of the Steering Committee on Slums in the year 1981, and as a member of the Executive Committee of the Bombay Metropolitan Region Development Authority in 1994.

Whatever be the style of architecture, Mr. Kadri always stood by the four rules – fulfill the client's requirement, visualize in a way the client has not envisaged, assign at least one element to make the building noticeable on the cityscape and never repeat the design.

Today, IMK Architects is rated as one of the best hotel architects, hospital architects, university architects, residential architects in India. The firm designs socially responsive environments where people and activities thrive. The team strives to infuse spaces with vibrancy and warmth by fostering a connection between the users and nature.

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