IMK Architects Design Places Where People Thrive

Date: 26 December 2021.

IMK Architects is one of the best architects in India. The firm creates spaces where people thrive and activities flourish. According to IMK Architects - to thrive, each space must be designed to be unique, recognising the users' highest aspirations.

The firm aims to create space that have the below traits: -


Places that are Beautiful, Biophilic, Memorable and Unique; that create a sense of belonging.


Places which nurture talent and allow for innovation and critical thinking facilitating people to achieve their goals, that are extremely functional.


Places where people can fully focus on their activities as well as interact and socialise with others.


Places where people can easily be social and make friends and create a sense of community.


Places that are contextual, in character, material usage and form. In harmony with natural systems so as to minimize energy usage.

IMK Architects extensive experience allows the team to translate client vision into beautiful landmarks that are unique from the rest.

The firm’s evolutionary processes and design principles have helped the team achieve expertise in all areas.

IMK Architects has been designing green buildings since the ‘60s, and so the love for the natural environment is deeply embedded in the team. The firm’s design philosophy is based on Biophilic Architecture, with a focus and commitment to providing designs that are site-sensitive and in harmony with nature. The firm expertise lies in various segments. So if you are looking for a hotel architect, hospital architect, university architect, or a residential architect – get in touch with IMK Architects.