IMK Architects Follow an Appropriate SCRUM Process

Date: 28 December 2021.

Founded in 1957, IMK Architects is one of the best architectural urban design firms in Mumbai. Over the last 50 years, the firm has stood by the aim to do extraordinary work, and are committed to take this legacy forward in the future.

SCRUM, simply put, is a framework for project management that emphasizes teamwork, accountability, and iterative progress toward a well-defined goal. This process focuses on bringing clarity to the client’s vision.

It’s a 6-step process to ensure that all stakeholders flourish:

  1. The process begins with an intensive workshop with the clients, which involves brainstorming sessions followed by the definition of a series of essential questions. At the end of this workshop, a list of design requirements is made through a democratic voting system.
  2. Design requirements are then prioritized to ensure that the building serves the client’s highest aspirations. Usually, it is 20% of the design features that contribute to 80% of the value. It is thus essential to focus on making this 20% truly transcending.
  3. A dedicated team of experts focused on the project is set up to design features in a way that is timeless and beautiful.
  4. Bigger goals are now broken down into smaller, tangible goals to be achieved within two-week timeframes called sprints. Daily internal reviews are carried out, along with a review of the milestones achieved at the end of every sprint.
  5. Client feedback is incorporated at every stage, thereby allowing flexibility to integrate new ideas. This is done to ensure that the client is in sync with the design team, leading to timely delivery without any delays.
  6. A timeless, beautiful, and effective design solution is therefore delivered on time.

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