Indian Public Spaces Have a Distinct Character of Their Own

Date: 4 April 2021.

Public spaces are thriving spaces within the built environment. These spaces are to be enjoyed and used by the people of the city. A good public space is one that reflects diversity and encourages people to interact effortlessly. Public spaces are key in defining a city’s attraction points, public life, activities, and events. Such street activities work as the ‘eyes of the street’ and encourage social and political participation. In short public spaces are “the window into a city’s soul”, a window to look beyond, that brings in the haptics, the views, sounds, and feel of the city.

Traditionally, Indian public spaces have held a pivotal role in providing utility and ensuring a good quality of life. These manifested as courtyards, parks, bazaars to cater to social interaction and religious activities, and were designed with respect to contextual and bio-climatic concerns.

What should be done in order to recognize the importance of public space?

According to architect Mr. Rahul Kadri – for defining the character of the Indian public space today, one must look to the past and understand the intricacy of how people would inhabit spaces and thrive in them.

According to Mr. Rahul Kadri - it is imperative for all public projects to truly be representative of the needs and aspirations of the cities and the people that they serve. The participation of citizens is the key to creating a shared future. Hence, while creating any such public projects building architects must address the needs of the citizens and stakeholders. Moreover, building architects should involve stakeholders in the planning process. This aspect will ensure that the city’s land and resources are used effectively and appropriately.

About Architect Rahul Kadri

Architect Rahul Kadri is a partner and principal architect of IMK Architects. He has offered some of the most sophisticated buildings in India. Architect Rahul Kadri believes in adopting the wholesome approach of Biophilic architecture. For more than two decades, Kadri has led several architectures and town planning projects.

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