Jaalis and Terrace Gardens are a Leitmotif That Distinguishes IMK Architects Structures

Date: 28 January 2022.

IMK Architects is one of the top architects in Mumbai. The firm is known for its socially responsive and substantial architectural designs.

According to IMK Architects, architecture has to be functional and at the same time easy on the eyes. In India, architects have a rich heritage to draw on, and IMK Architects as a firm have been greatly influenced by Moghul architecture and Urdu poetry – since both impart a distinctive, softness, characteristic, and identity. The firm has tried to add that softness and edge to all its designs.

Also, the façade has an immediate impact on how the building is perceived. In this, the use of the jaali, simple arches, and terraces has aided IMK Architects a lot. Jaalis, or latticework, serve a very important function as well. They provide a screen to ensure cross ventilation and maximum light while cutting off glare, heat, and even the onslaught of rain. It also lowers the temperatures inside the building. Another integral dimension of ensuring softness was through incorporating gardens within the structure. Mr. I M Kadri grew up overlooking fields. Even in Jamia University (Delhi), where he completed his education, there were a lot of open spaces. Mr. Kadri was convinced that creating areas for plants would enhance the urban living experience. Hence, Mr. Kadri conceived a step approach and introduced gardens in varied ways – through cascading balconies, tiered terraces, and others.

Notable projects by IMK Architects are:

  • Brighton, Mumbai, 1959
  • Islam Gymkhana, Mumbai, 1963
  • Shivsagar Estate, Mumbai, 1967
  • Jeevan Manek for the Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd, Mumbai, 1968
  • Otters Club, Mumbai, 1973
  • Happy Home School for the Blind, Mumbai, 1971
  • Lake Palace Hotel, Udaipur, 1972
  • Fort Aguada Beach Resort, Goa, 1973
  • Taj Coromandel for Oriental Hotels Ltd, Chennai, 1974
  • CEAT Mahal, Mumbai, 1974
  • Hoechst House, Mumbai, 1975
  • Swapnalok, Mumbai, 1978
  • Taj Mahal (Mansingh) Hotel, New Delhi, 1979
  • Kashmir University Projects, Srinagar, 1980
  • Nehru Centre, Mumbai, 1982
  • Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi, 1982
  • Taj Krishna Palace, Hyderabad, 1984
  • Tata Fertilizers Ltd, Babrala, 1984
  • Kowloon Mosque, Hong Kong, 1984
  • The Oberoi Hotel, Bangalore 1986 &1996
  • Haj House, Mumbai 1987
  • Haveli House, Mumbai 1989
  • Sahyadri Guest House, Mumbai 1991
  • Owaisi Teaching Hospital, Hyderabad 1996
  • Sona College of Technology, Salem 1997
  • Breach Candy Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai 1998
  • National Judicial Academy, Bhopal 2005
  • Ramada Hotel, Dubai 2006

Now that you have the list of projects, ensure you get in touch with IMK Architects if at all you are looking for a resort architect, hotel architect, healthcare architect, residential architect or an education architect in India.