Jali – An Imperative Element in Indian Architecture

Date: 30 October 2021.

Jali accounts for an Urdu origin which, when translated, refers to a net. The jali, or pierced screens, have been extensively employed in Indian construction since time immemorial. Its value addition goes beyond enhancing the aesthetics of the architecture. Below are a few reasons why most top architects in India love creating jali designs.

Reduces Heat

There is no denying that summer is unpleasant in most parts of India. Jalis are a green tool that can help reduce heat. By blocking the direct entry point of sunlight, Jali helps create a pleasant atmosphere. Jali architecture is a boon for abodes in both hot-humid and hot-dry climatic regions.

Controls Light

Jalis are a great replacement or accompaniment for windows as they block off the glare but welcome the much-needed filtered daylight without fully obstructing the view outside.

Stimulates Air

Jali plays a vital role in acting as a panel that controls the compression and release of cooled air inside the house. In simple terms, jali is the mechanical version of an air-conditioning compressor.

Concealment of Space

One of the greatest benefits of jali is the ability to see through without being seen. These perforated screens are often used in the exteriors of houses, as windows, partition walls, skylights, door panels, railings, and more. They are best for hiding bathroom piping and ventilation systems.

IMK Architects – one of the top urban design firms in Mumbai has incorporated jali in few of its projects.

  • Nehru Centre, Mumbai - Embellished with windows and jalis that symbolize rose petals associated with Nehru is the popular one.
  • Auric Hall, Aurangabad - a district administration building within the Central Business District of Aurangabad has jalis (latticed screens) to control the temperature.

IMK is one such brand that has earned its stripes as one of the most top architects in India. The firm has built a reputation for itself by shaping a world of high living. As a testimony to this fact, their projects are landmarks in various locations. Reliable and creative, the team strives to offer you the best you deserve – be it any sector.