IMK Architect - Passionate About Sustainable Architecture

Date: 24 March 2021.

Rahul Kadri is a passionate advocate of sustainable architecture. Partner and principal architect of IMK Architects, he inherited his love for nature from his father IM Kadri who set up the architecture and urban design practice in 1957 with offices in Mumbai and Bengaluru. Rahul Kadri took over the reins from his father in the 90s, but only after completing a graduate diploma in architecture from the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai, and a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning from Michigan. After 53 years of experience and 85 large-scale projects across India and overseas, IMK architect has been a successful model – given that the firm’s repeat clients include the Taj Group, JSW, Symbiosis, and Club Mahindra. No wonder, the firm is ranked as one of the top architects in India.

Designing Green Buildings

The firm has been designing green buildings since the ‘60s, and so the love for the natural environment is deeply embedded in onto their work.

The firm’s design philosophy is based on Biophilic Architecture, with a focus and commitment to providing designs that are site-sensitive and in harmony with nature. IMK designs create vibrant and warm spaces which are socially responsive, where people thrive and activities flourish. This was best represented in one of the most defining works, the Symbiosis International University in Lavale, Pune — completed in 2008. The idyllic campus, home to 1,000 students, houses educational and administration functions for four faculties (the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, the Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, the Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management, and the Symbiosis Institute of Photography) in addition to an auditorium and convention center, a library, as well as housing, dining, and recreational facilities for students and staff.

The Most Significant Projects of IMK and Why

IMK architect is one the best architects in India. The firm expertise lies in various segments ranging from healthcare and hospitality to educational campuses, self-redevelopment, residential townships. The firm’s significant projects include those that have made the most ecological and social impact.

Some of them are listed below:

  • Auric Hall, Aurangabad is today a landmark for Aurangabad Industrial City (AURIC), India’s first greenfield, smart industrial city. The 16,660sq-m building houses administrative and commercial functions. The design pays homage to the rich culture and history of Aurangabad while creating a timeless example of beauty and sustainability.
  • The recently completed Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Centre (SUHRC) in Pune is currently being used by the Maharashtra government as a Covid-19 quarantine facility and hospital. Occupying the lower slopes of a hill within Symbiosis International University’s 260-acre estate in Lavale, SUHRC is a 96,100sq-m, 216-bed, multi-specialty hospital that represents a new and progressive face for healthcare infrastructure in India. SUHRC draws from the ideas of biophilia (an innate human tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life) to promote recovery and rejuvenation for patients and healthcare professionals.
  • The Madikeri Resort at Coorg, Karnataka is a hospitality project designed for Club Mahindra Holidays and Resorts. Drawing inspiration from local culture, IMK architects created a site-sensitive design in harmony with nature. With maximum exposure to nature, the soul of the design lies in the interaction between people and the semi-outdoor spaces blossoming with trees and plantations, using age-old local techniques.
IMK architect as a mentor to aspiring architects what message it has to give?

Focus on the needs and highest aspirations of your clients and all users or inhabitants of the building or spaces that you are designing. Your training allows you to do things that can make a profound difference in people’s lives and to the planet at large through the choices you make in terms of sustainability. So, use your skills to make the world a better place, one project at a time.

Expectations from IMK Architects

IMK – one of the best design architects in India, is focused on making places where people thrive — the firm wants to be an organization that both listens and learns. The firm is constantly questioning its own beliefs and is striving to make buildings that serve the users beyond expectations.

If you are looking for a hotel architect, hospital architect, university architect or a residential architect – look no further than IMK architect. The team will help you create places that are beautiful, biophilic, memorable and unique.