School Designs in Post-Covid World

Date: 30 December 2020.

Corona virus has affected life globally. None of us could imagine such a situation of global lockdown, with so much of fear, uncertainty, social stigma, etc. This condition also pushed all human beings to find newer ways to tackle the pandemic situations.

Like any other sector, the education section has also been affected severely. Today school administrators alike are looking at ways to redesign the education system.

So here in this section let’s dive into how the school system could look in the future.

Infrastructural Changes in Schools After Covid-19

Post-COVID, institutional buildings/ primary school building designs in India will see new changes. For Rahul Kadri Partner and Principal architect at IMK architects, ‘moving learning outdoors’ or ‘bringing the outdoors in’ - is a prime requirement given the current condition. That would mean lectures and workshops need to be conducted in shaded, open spaces at the campus courtyards and terraces, while indoor classrooms can be planned along large, 2-4-meter-wide single-loaded corridors (that face the outdoors on one side and a room on the other) to reduce the need for air conditioning and to ensure an optimal ingress of daylight and fresh air.

Kadri who designed Pune's Symbiosis international university thinks that area requirements for schools will increase too, due to the need for social distancing as interior layouts and design for furniture are revised. For example, a classroom or lecture hall that could accommodate 40 students might just be able to accommodate about half of that number in a COVID world.

Use of Technology

According to Mr. Kadri, technology will play a critical role too with security lightening, door/window, and plumbing fixtures being digitized and adapted for hand-free usage. Moreover, schools will turn to video conferencing tools, online learning management software, and other digital solutions to keep education ongoing.

Change has been in the offing for quite some time now and this pandemic has pushed the entire education fraternity to embrace a new way of thinking and approaching school designs.

While certainly, the design changes needed will vary from school to school, educational institutes will and must take corrective measures at all levels. Appropriate, design standards can help schools maintain ideal social distancing. It will prevent the spread of the virus and allows us to inch back as close to the true normal.

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