Self Re-Development Projects By IMK Architects

Date: 18 March 2022.

Founded in 1957, I. M. Kadri Architects is an Architectural, Urban Planning, and Interior Design firm based out of Mumbai and Bengaluru. Over the last 50 years, they have stood by their aim to do extraordinary work and are committed to taking this legacy forward in the future. Led by a core team of experienced Architects the firm follows a rigorous design process to achieve its goals. Over the years, the firm has created an effective Design Process basis on which a variety of landmark projects have been built throughout the country.

IMK Architects is one of the best residential self-redevelopment architects in Mumbai. The firm has been working and collaborating with various residential societies in Mumbai for designing their Self Redevelopment projects. The process of self-Redevelopment of ones’ own residential society is an enormously beneficial procedure for the members but they need to face a lot of challenges during the process. However, the efficient professional team of IMK Architects has thorough knowledge from start to end to make it a success. After doing an intense workshop with members, the firm prioritizes their needs with its unique IMK scrum process and derives a design requirement unique to their society. IMK Architects believe in designing holistic buildings with a major focus on optimization of spaces, services that ensure a cost-effective design. The firm aims at planning a structurally viable building that is robust and built on schedule.

IMK Architects’ various impressive self-development and residential projects in Mumbai are namely Navjivan CHSL, Sachin CHSL, Aspire Residency, Tiara Court, Mr. F.T. Khorakiwala, Zahra, Haveli House, Grand Paradi, Petit Hall, Swapnalok, Beuna Vista Apartments, Jivan Maneck, and Brighton. The firm has also built splendid projects like Baledor in Talegaon, Pune, Reliance VIP Bungalow in Sasan, Madhya Pradesh and Vistaas - Sona Housing in Begur, Bengaluru, and Ratnagiri VIP Bungalow in Ratnagiri.

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