Shiv Sagar Estate Worli - an eloquent balance between traditional and contemporary practices

Date: 23 February 2022.

The Shiv Sagar estate was one of the first commercial complexes to be commissioned in Worli, Mumbai. Built by one of the top architectural firms in Mumbai, IMK Architects, this structure is appreciated for its marvelous beauty and structure, even today.

The 15-acre site of Shiv Sagar Estate at Worli, originally the former home of the Maharaja of Scindia, is now a sea-side commercial hub in central Mumbai. Today, the complex houses five identical hexagonal towers which hug the bay and provide spectacular views of the city. The plot of land was initially acquired by a business group intent on developing the Hilton Hotel in Mumbai. When the project fell through, it was decided to convert the space into a commercial premises, while five sea-facing acres were set aside for apartment buildings.

The Shiv Sagar, built it 1967, was a new development in an emerging part of the city in those times, the building defines a new benchmark within the existing urban fabric. A new form and visual identity were given to this new project. It is impactful, yet soft on the eyes – an object of beauty in the fast-paced cityscape. Cladded with solid marble, the buildings make a strong statement whilst the breaking up of the façade into a sequence of surfaces allowing it to be visually appealing.

At that time, in those days, very little air conditioning was used in office buildings. As a result, the building was built in way that allowed as much sunlight as possible into the interiors. To facilitate this, the plan of the building was generated from the idea of a triangle – maximum periphery for the same area. Unusable corners were chamfered off and the hexagon form of the building emerged. Now, with maximum surface area, the buildings allow ample light into its interiors.

Climate responsive measures to cut off glare were also adopted. The southern face was a blank façade with no openings whilst the longer east facing facades were shaded with a composition of louvres that allow interplay of light on the building form. The beauty of the building is that it still looks fresh, undeteriorated with time.

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