Significance of Material in Architecture

Date: 24 September 2021.

Though materials play a significant role in imparting robustness and longevity in architecture, it is crucial to note their long-term impacts on not only the environment but also on those who inhabit it. Some constant studies over the years have reflected the following results:

  • According to environment experts and reports, building and construction are responsible for nearly 40%-50% of all carbon emissions in the world.
  • Building materials have also been listed as a critical source causing indoor air pollution, a continuous exposure to which can lead to respiratory ailments. So inappropriate materials not only affect the surroundings but also affects the health conditions of the buildings’ occupants.
  • The ill effects inflicted by unsustainable procuring and production practices result in prolonged and irreversible damages - it can be witnessed across the globe as climate change, pandemic outbreaks, displaced settlements, etc.

The list is never-ending and baffling as one gets deeper to understand the dire consequences our ecosystem is subjected to if careful attention is not paid to design and material selection. Building architects need to team up with engineers and researchers to understand the way ahead. They need to find different solutions on how to make effective use of substantial materials in the coming years.

The goal of green architecture is to create models that safeguard the natural environment. An architecture that seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderate use of materials, energy, water, space, and the ecosystem at large.

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