The 2021 perspective for architects

Date: 28 January 2020.

As 2020 began, we all had plans and resolutions. And… well… the pandemic happened. It brought our life to a grinding halt. It made us fearful and anxious. It showed us how unpredictable life can be. Many of us went through a difficult year and it made us introspect and carefully evaluate what we want to do next – both in our personal and professional lives. In many ways, it has brought about a new perspective to how we approach the future.

We are yearning for calm

Being a top architect in India - across all the projects we are building, we are minimizing chaos and building for calm. As a race, we want our spaces to bring us a sense of security… even happiness. This reflects in our design, structure, and builds.

Innovative and effective

2020 left us inspired in many ways too. Many who were left to feed for themselves had to start from scratch. They took the no-frill approach to innovation. They slogged, not to impress the world, but to build an effective solution. We learned from people around the world who were getting back on their feet by building a life for themselves.


The word ‘Simplify’ is the one that resonates with us the most for 2021. In fact, it is the theme we want to follow both professionally and personally. Projects, designs, structures, and even relationships – simplify it to the very last thread. Remove the nuances that colour your decision and come in the way of giving your best. Approach your day with this perspective. Ask yourself about the simplest way to move the needle, keep walking and take one more step towards your goal.

Say' Yes' more often – but also make your choices

2020 allowed us all to reflect on our decisions. Over the years, some of us have put off travelling thinking we will do it ‘later’. There was so much on that ‘later’ list! Visiting old friends. Working on a project you truly loved Picking up a new skill. Trying out a new adventure.

2020 brought a fear factor of life’s unpredictability. Will we ever get to our ‘later’ list?

With 2021, we at IMK architects encourage every team member to tick of things from their ‘later’ list – of work and life. It is a slow but happy process to see things ticked off the list. It gives us a collective reason to be happy for each other’s little and big successes.

IMK architects has been one of the best architects in India till date, and will continue to maintain its standards in the near future as well.

The firm expertise's in various segments ranging from Healthcare, Hospitality, Educational Campuses, Institutions, Residential Self Redevelopment, and more. Led by a core team of experienced professionals the firm follows a rigorous design process to achieve its goals. And with a steady focus on timely completion, the team strives to deliver projects with perfection and brilliance.