The Book ‘The Architecture of I M Kadri' Authored by Kaiwan Mehta

Date: 12 April 2021.

The book ‘The Architecture of I.M. Kadri’ traces the body of work of Iftikhar M. Kadri, founder, partner, and principal architect of IMK Architects, who began his practice in Mumbai in the 1950s. Through this book, the author explores the relationship between development and the city’s buildings. The book tells you how Kadri’s work is closely linked to the city’s culture and ethos.

While the book does refer to Kadri’s projects in Delhi, Goa, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Tajikistan, and the Middle East, Mehta the author quite firmly places Kadri in the shoes of ‘A Bombay architect’. He depicts Mr. Kadri’s journey of creating Bombay/Mumbai - a city whose tryst with architecture is very different from that of Delhi or Ahmedabad. The book further highlights I.M. Kadri’s most identifiable imprint on Bombay - the pineapple-shaped Nehru Centre building, a source of delightful surprise in a city dotted with skyscrapers on one hand and slums on the other.

This book depicts how Kadri has been a stalwart in the field of architecture in his own right, and how his deep involvement with architectural thought in India has been recognized or for that matter, recorded and analyzed.

IMK Architects – One of the Best Architects in India

IMK Architects is an architecture and urban design firm in Mumbai with another office located in Bengaluru. The firm’s early journey is intrinsically tied to that of independent India, and more specifically, to that of the country’s financial capital - Mumbai.

Social consciousness, sustainability, and robust designs have been the cornerstones of IMK architects. This firm has a rich legacy behind it and aims to create architecture that responds to time, place, and most importantly, people. The team strives to create vibrant, dynamic, healthy, socially inclusive, and ecologically sensitive spaces where lives flourish and activities thrive.

One of the best building architects in India - IMK’s work is widely acclaimed with multiple felicitations and awards. Most recently, IMK Architects was listed among ‘India’s Top Architects’ at the Construction World and Builder Awards 2020.