The Climate Is Changing - So Must Architecture

Date: 23 July 2021.

Climate change is a term that we are hearing everywhere. The question is no longer, “Is it happening?” but rather, “What are we doing to avoid the disastrous consequences?

With the change in climate comes the call to action for architects, engineers, and builders to be a part of the climate crisis solution. It's time for such professionals to move beyond the checklist approach to sustainability. Architects need to find ways to minimize the use of energy- and carbon-intensive technologies such as electric lighting and air-conditioning and revive low-tech solutions such as passive ventilation. Of course, the implementation of such standards requires support from numerous stakeholders, including consumers, colleagues in related fields, public officials, lenders, and most especially clients.

Retrofitting commercial and residential structures with sustainable energy sources will be one more way that the architects can contribute to lowering the carbon emissions of buildings. It is one of the most environmentally friendly and efficient solutions to optimize energy performance. This approach could also help extend the life of the existing building or historical buildings while ensuring optimum thermal comfort for the occupants which leads to higher productivity and better well-being.

Examples of Efficient Substantial Buildings in India

There are several examples of efficient substantial buildings in India. To name a few we have Auric Hall in Aurangabad, the recently completed Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Centre (SUHRC) in Pune, The Madikeri Resort at Coorg, Karnataka, etc. All of these have been built by one of the best architects in India - IMK Architects.

IMK Architects Strive to Build Contextual, Sustainable, and Environmentally Holistic Buildings

IMK Architects is rated as one of the best hotel architects, hospital architects, university architects, residential architects in India. The team’s focus is to consciously design a building that is contextual, sustainable, and environmentally holistic - through careful articulation of form, materials, textures, and proportions.

IMK Architects use cutting-edge technology and innovation to build environments that evoke awe and inspire. Moreover, the firm is constantly questioning its own beliefs and is striving to make buildings that serve the users beyond expectations.

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