The Procedure of Redevelopment of Old Commercial or Residential Buildings in India

Date: 24 January 2023.

Mumbai is an ever-evolving city with a vibrant mix of cultures, lifestyles and architecture. Residential architects in Mumbai are playing a significant role in shaping the city’s skyline. They are creating innovative designs that reflect the modern lifestyle of its inhabitants while respecting the traditional values of Mumbai. These residential architects have to take into account many factors like climate, space constraints, local regulations, and more while designing homes and buildings in Mumbai. They must also be able to work with different materials and styles to create unique structures that meet their clients’ needs. With their creative vision and technical expertise, residential architects in India are helping to make the city a better place to live in.

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Nowadays self redevelopment of residential buildings is getting popular as the residents get to call the shots and take important decisions which will not only impact them but will also affect the future tenants of the new building. There are a few important steps that need to be followed while beginning the procedure of redevelopment.

Call a Special General Body Meeting (SGM)

A residential building will have to call a special general body meeting and invite all the residents of the building to attend it. At the meeting, the secretary of the building is expected to lay out his intention to send the building for redevelopment. It is important for all the residents to agree to this. Once all the residents have provided their signatures and given their go-ahead then the secretary can begin to look for architects or firms that will provide them with the best quotation and will look after all their concerns.

Get Quotations from Architects/ Project Management Consultants (PMC)

Consultants can be hired to provide advice regarding the construction and can oversee the redevelopment from start to finish. Once all residents of the building have agreed to the redevelopment process, the secretary can start looking out for residential architects in India. It is important to hire an experienced architect or firm who will not only help in fixing all the previous shortcomings of the building but will also make sure that the new structure will be safe, efficient and will adhere to all government norms and regulations.

Submit a Proposal for the Building Redevelopment Project

The architects or firms must first submit a detailed proposal for the building redevelopment project. This report must contain all the information regarding the Transferable Development Rights (TDR) and the Floor Space Index (FSI). The report must also make sure that any construction taking place on the building or on the land surrounding the property is in regulation with the rules of MHADA / S.R.A. / Municipal Corporations so that it does not cause any problems later on. Once the proposals are submitted by various firms/ architects, the building redevelopment committee can proceed with the process further.

Receive Project Report

Once the building committee submits the proposal to a firm or an architect, a general body meeting should be called wherein the residents of the building can be brought up to speed. at the meeting, it is important for the secretary of the building to take all the suggestions of the residents into account before accepting the project report from the firm/ architect. This report will have a list of all the important information like the equipment being used by the firm, the budget of the entire project and even the timeline for when the entire process will be completed and the building will be handed back to the residents.

Invite Tenders from Developers

After receiving project reports, the secretary can proceed by asking the interested firms to submit their invitations to tender. This is a formal, structured procedure that allows the secretary to evaluate the cost and the process that each firm will undertake while redeveloping their building. The tender allows the residents to judge the firm based on its financial expenses, market reputation, technical soundness, and successful projects. It also gives the residents a clear idea of what the firm is capable of and allows them to make an informed decision before handing over their building for redevelopment.

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Choose a Developer

With everything finalised, the secretary and the residents can select a developer to begin the redevelopment of their building. The developer is often chosen after carefully reviewing all the proposals and costs and also taking the timeline into consideration. A vote is cast among the building committee and it is often decided either by a majority. The developer to gain most of the votes is chosen and an agreement is signed between them and the residents of the building. After the signing of the agreement, a period is chosen for the residents to prepare in any way they need after which the work will begin.