The Prompt Delivery and Success of an Architectural Project

Date: 22 February 2022.

The prompt delivery and success of an architectural project can largely be attributed to the management and processes behind its execution. And so IMK Architects have adopted a new-age approach to project management called the “SCRUM” process.

The Full Form of SCRUM is Systematic Customer Resolution Unraveling Meeting. SCRUM is a framework for project management that emphasizes teamwork, accountability, and iterative progress toward a well-defined goal. Its agile approach focuses on bringing clarity to the vision of the stakeholders.

In Scrum, the team focuses on building quality models. The owner of a Scrum project focuses on defining the characteristics of the project (what to build, what not and in what order) and how it can overcome any obstacle that could hinder the task of the development team.

The team usually consists of the following:

SCRUM Master

The SCRUM master is the leader who guides the team to comply with the rules and processes of the execution. The SCRUM Master also provides mentoring and training to the team.

Product Owner

The product owner translates the vision of the project to the team, and represents the various stakeholders of the project.


The SCRUM team is a group of experienced professionals with technical knowledge responsible for executing the project in time.

SCRUM method is usually used in the development of software, however, IMK Architects is the first architectural firm in India to practice this model. This method helps cut costs and working hours drastically, eventually leading to improved productivity. The firm has successfully executed several projects using this efficient process that has become an integral part of the workflow today -- one that we will continue to follow.

No wonder, why IMK Architects is considered as one of the top architects in India. Based out in Mumbai and Bengaluru -the firm is known to craft buildings that are contemporary, yet timeless.

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