The Role of Architecture in Economic Development

Date: 03 October 2020.

Architecture is not just aninspiration or an attraction but is also a major part of economic development. For some, it might just be a space to live in, however, for some;it’s a symbol of status and pride.

Over the years architecture has evolved into more than just a practice of aestheticism and monument-building. Because of the growing population and the demand for modernization, the value of land as a commodity is sky-rocketing. And its architecture that plays an important role in the economic development of the city or location. It not only attracts locals living in the vicinity but also attracts visitors from all over the globe.

For Example:a hotel with good architectural designattracts lots of customers – it helps increase the economy of that particular location. Whereas the same hotel with bad architecture will not create an impression – this aspect will eventually lead to a decrease in the economy.

Cities or locations with creative hospitals, schools, hotels, residential buildings, etc are appealing to everyone. Therefore any kind of development taking place on a valuable piece of land carries an added responsibility of maximizing the economic potential of that locality. The upcoming development in a region can be reliable markers for predicting trends or changes in the regional economy. In short, good architecture helps

  • Attract and build human capital
  • It preserves financial capital and
  • Protects and sustains environmental capital

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