Tips to Find the Best Architect In India

Date: 03 October 2020.

Looking for a good architect? Have a read below. The below tips will not only help you find the best architect in India but will also make your search process quicker and stress-free.

Do Research/ Browse the Internet

The first very important thing to do is research. It’s a mistake to finalize an architect without researching their business or firm. Browse the internet and look for some information online. Check for reviews, and see how long the architect or the firm has served its community and clients.

Shortlist Reputed Firms

Once you have done the research, shortlist firms that have demonstrated a commitment to professionalism. Look for established top architects in India.When you choose a firm with a reputation for excellence and customer service, you’ve got a much greater chance of leaving satisfied with your business experience in the future.

Visit Completed Works

If you are drawn to a particular firm, ensure you visit one of their publicly-accessible buildings. Check the designs, the choice of materials, the spatial layout, etc. Of course, most of these decisions are client-led; however, visiting a completed project will give you a sense of their work.

Do Background Checks

Speak to past clients and other consultants such as engineers. You will be able to gauge by their responses if the architect is capable of providing the quality of work you require. Getting background checks from people that have been through the same process is probably the best wayto find about an architect.

Meet the Architect - Revaluate and Analyze

Use the first visit to analyze the architect or firm you are interested in. This will communicate to the dealer that you are not going to be bullied.

Once you visit the architect, try and understand how the firm functions. To make sure you are getting what you really want, consider asking a few questions such as:

  • What are the steps in the design process?
  • How long does the architect/ team think it will take for the design and construction process to get completed?
  • How does the architect establish fees?
  • How often will you have meetings?
  • Who else from the firm will be working on this project? Etc

Clear communication will not only help you understand if the architect is genuine but will also help you understand if the firm is really interested in your project.

Talk to Friends and Family

Talk with your friends, family members, neighbors, about the architect you choose to endorse. See if they have any questions and advice. Your decision-making process will get easier.

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