Why being a good communicator is as important as being a good architect?

Date: 29 January 2020.

Whether you are a hospital architect, hotel architect, educational architect or a residential architect in India - talking to clients, understanding their needs and translating them to spectacular designs is sometimes all in a day’s work for an architect. But talking to clients is not quite as simple as it looks. Communicating with clients involves talking on the phone, over emails and even while presenting to them. During this time an architect has to think about what the client is understating from not only what you are saying but communicating visually, graphically, or even perceptually via your body language.

Here are some of the key things we follow as a team

Always professional, always courteous

Even if we have a fresher in our team, we encourage all team members to not only pay close attention to what they say but how they say it. Our team makes it a priority to be respectful, considerate, mindful, and positive in all our meetings, phone calls, emails, and conversations. Every interaction with our clients is a representation of who we are as IMK and that’s the key guideline for all our team members

Good communication can lead to better opportunities

A big part of effective communication is being a good listener. We listen closely to understand what our clients don’t lay out plainly but is amply visible from their requirements. Effectively understanding their requirement is not only a great trait but also helps us maximize our opportunities as every piece of good work leaves a signature of our hard work, dedication, and quality.

Good communication also fosters trust – more than winning clients, it is our character and reputation

Writing emails effectively is good. But what’s important is the way one treats people – even during stressful times, tight deadlines, or during a tough meeting. At IMK, we take pride in empowering our employees and making them feel like a valued team member.

Every time we communicate with our clients, we encourage our team to treat them the way they would like to be treated. Every new project means the world to us and we want it to leave a mark of pride on our reputation in all ways possible.

Like the song went – Words are all we have. With effective communication, they can be everything we need to convert thoughts into opportunities.

So if you are looking for a good certified healthcare architect, education architect, hotel design architect, or a residential architect – stop by IMK architect. A client-focused, full-service design firm – IMK architect will help you create your dreams, into reality.