Centre Of Excellence

"A well-designed institution with top-notch facilities for the future of India’s exalted accountants"

The design strategy for design of the Centre Of Excellence stemmed from the desire to build an institution, which fostered networks between likeminded people.

Keeping this objective in mind, the centre has been divided into separate blocks arranged amidst trees, lush landscapes and open spaces. The facilities include an arrival and waiting block, a training block, a 650 seat auditorium, 200 double occupancy hostel rooms, a VIP block, a dining block, a recreation and sports area and a library block all connected by a continuous screened corridor. Beautiful terraced-gardens and courtyards further provide spill-out spaces which promote interaction amongst the students.

The extremely hot, dry climate of Nagpur demanded the use of passive heat control measures to reduce dependability on mechanical features. The classrooms of the training block open out into a courtyard with a water body. This large expanse of water helps control the microclimate by reducing the surrounding temperature. Furthermore, carefully planted deciduous trees shade the single storey buildings and minimise heat felt during the summer.

Building elevations have concrete screens, which not only conceal the sunshades but also are detailed with plaster grooves that add interest & verticality to the large horizontal surfaces.

The hostel block consists of two seven-storey structures punctured by a composition of double height pocket terraces that allow light into the doubly loaded corridors.

Project Facts
  • Area: 2,50,000 Sqft.
  • Location: Nagpur
  • Status: Proposal
  • Client: ICAI
  • Cost: Rs. 75 crore
  • Number Of students: 400