Ensaara Metropark

"An integrated and vibrant mixed –use community featuring a school, a hospital, a shopping mall, arcade and local shops, an entertainment complex and sports facilities and more"

Spread over 312 acres of land the Ensaara Metropark project is sited close to the Inner and Outer Ring roads in the heart of Nagpur’s upcoming growth centre.

The first phase of the project, an area of 20 lac Sq.ft. is residential & 5 lac Sq.ft. is Non residential.

It is designed as walkable, pedestrian friendly communities with wide roads for pedestrians, drivers, cyclists & public transport users. All amenities are at a three minute walkway keeping in mind the harsh climate of Nagpur.

The Ensaara metropark is planned as a development which features a diversity of property types suitable to various income groups. The different housing types include – Lowrises, Midrises, Highrises, Villas, Rowhouses & Sky Villas. The orientation of the buildings and terrace and gardens help in cutting out the excess heat.

Apart from 3000 homes the development includes a school, a hospital, an indoor sports complex and clubhouse, a broad range of shops, cafes and restaurants, a temple complex, a hotel, a business complex, a fire and police station and a bus station and shuttle service to the city centre.

Around 150 acres of land is devoted to open space – different types and sizes of parks, public gardens, plazas and orchards.

Ensaara is designed based on the Gold Certificate guidelines for the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). Rainwater harvesting systems are employed across the metropark, a fully integrated water recycling system which would provide water for flushing and irrigation is set up, roof mounted solar panels are proposed to conserve energy and effective sewage treatment practices are implemented. All buildings are planned with thermal paint and double glazing.

Project Facts
  • Area: 312 acres
  • Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra
  • Status: 2010 – Ongoing
  • Client: Luxora Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
  • Built Up Area: 20,00,000 Sq.ft.- Phase 1a
  • Collaborations: HOK, Architects Cracknell & Infrastructure consultants Feedback Infra.