Hosur Public School

"A fluid interface with the outdoors is created by a gradual layering and transition of spaces from open to semi-open to covered zones - from the main circulation spine to the corridors to the classrooms"

The Hosur Public School sited at Hosur, a town at the border of Tamil Nadu & Karnataka is designed in phases. Phase 1 consists of the kindergarten, primary school and administration block while Phase 2 consists of the senior school and the ancillary block.

The focus of the project was to bring in an enhanced quality of daylight and create a cool and comfortable internal environment whilst providing engaging spaces for learning and recreation.

In Phase 1 the entrance to the building is emphasized by the creation of a double height volume. The covered porch is flanked on either side by tall, stately pillars leading to an inviting and intricate filigree entrance door.

A central spine acts as the main circulatory axis branching into the KG & primary Block on the east and the Administration Block on the west such that the two are segregated, yet subtly connected. Pockets of green landscapes that punctuate the spine not only enhance the aesthetics but also serve as breather spaces and seating areas.

The two main staircases are sleek, single flight and strategically placed to create a sense of grandeur. They create visual interest and connect all the levels to the main spine.

The kindergarten & primary block is a three storied building enclosing an airy and spacious central atrium that binds all the singly loaded classrooms together. The atrium has a triple height volume that visually connected to all parts of the building whilst serving as a vibrant active space for the kindergarten children. It is covered with a fabric roof, which filters ambient light for the interior spaces protecting them from unwanted glare, heat and rain.

Wide steps of varying levels and sizes that lead from the spine to the lower ground level add a sense of drama, play and fun to the design. The kindergarten classrooms in the lower ground floor flow into the central atrium on one side and an open courtyard on the other creating a feeling of being outdoors even when inside.

Project Facts
  • Area: Phase 1 - 41000 Sqft
  • Location: Hosur, Tamil Nadu
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Client: Chandira Choodeswaran Educational Foundation
  • Cost: Rs. 7.5 Crore
  • Number Of students: 480