Krishna Hotel

Krishna Hotel, a 3-star hotel, showcases a unique and iconic design within the constraints of a narrow site. Privacy and natural light take precedence as no rooms overlook one another, and each room is strategically oriented to enjoy east-west sunlight. The use of sturdy materials ensures resilience against the challenging saline climate and cyclones. Notably, the faceted facade of the hotel provides a dynamic visual throughout the day, making it iconic.

Sustainability is a core feature, with green roofs for thermal comfort, deeper projections and vertical fins on the rooftop restaurants efficiently managing sun exposure. These rooftop venues offer breathtaking and uninterrupted views, accommodating pilgrims, corporate travellers, and celebratory events.

Banquet hall of 1500 capacity which extends into a landscaped lawn. Krishna Hotel's landscape design embraces the natural environment with native and endemic plants that attract biodiversity, creating a harmonious and eco-friendly atmosphere.

Project Facts
  • Location: Puri, Odisha
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Client: Krishna Sagar Group