Lake pawana Resort

"Perched on a hillock with breathtaking views, the Lake Pawana Resort is inspired by the Architects instinctive response "to fly"

Situated by the lake at Pawana, Tungi, the Club Mahindra resort is spread over a sprawling expanse of 42 acres and is segregated into separate areas based on function: Lounge, Restaurant, Spa, Holiday Activity, and the hotel & cottage blocks.

The landscape was the inspiration for the complex, which attempted to create a quiet oasis far from the hustle of the city. The contoured terrain & natural drains meandering across the site demanded careful alignment of the resort blocks to avoid altering the existing landform. Portions of the buildings are cantilevered to minimise ‘cut & fill’ and optimise the available views.

The entrance to the resort is a warm, cozy indoor courtyard. Its front wall is artistically detailed with a contemporary use of traditional ‘warli’ art, grounding you to the local context of the site. This area leads to the reception lounge with full sized windows framing the first glimpse of the vast lake beyond and an open-air wooden deck cantilevered in the skies.

The chosen material palette was inspired by the local culture and environment. The brown, beige, grey & white hues, use of natural stone, terracotta tiles and timber railings, mirror the dry, rural climate of Tungi. The carefully detailed wooden overhangs throughout the elevation offer shade from the heat and rain. The living spaces are adorned with subtle expressions of local mural art. The cottages are named after indigenous birds with individual grills designed along the same theme. The language of the built forms is aided entirely by its context and the calm and simplicity of the surroundings is allowed to permeate the interiors.

Project Facts
  • Area: 1,50,000 Sqft
  • Location: Tungi, Lonavala
  • Status: Completed - 2012
  • Client: Club Mahindra
  • Cost: Rs. 118 crore
  • Number Of Rooms: 235