Matheran – 332 Acres

"A heavily sloped lush site of 332 acres north of Matheran is subdivided into plots of 1 acre size with country-style farmhouses and private kitchen gardens to serve as retirement homes for city dwellers"

The project plot falls under G2 section of Eco-sensitive zone of Matheran Out of the 332 Acres, 242 acres plot has been proposed for plotted development. There will be 1 Acre saleable plots with a permissible built up of 1600 sq.ft. The proposed Housing Prototypes are farmhouses with sloping roofs. Each plot shall have vegetable garden and continuous electricity and water supply


The 242 Acre plot will have dedicated parking area for plots along with a clubhouse, primary shops in market and a sewage treatment plant for the plots

Apart from this the entire plot has dedicated cycle track and paved walkways along the natural slope of site

The 90 acre plot will have an international baccalaureate school, 50 room resort and a golfcourse for the visitors

Plot development

332 acre plot lies in a valley on the north of matehran heavily sloped site subdivided into 1 acre plots with 1600 sq.ft farmhouse. With private kitchen gardens.vermicompost.

A countryside home

Project Facts
  • Area: 332 Acres
  • Location: Dehrang, Matheran
  • Status: Proposal
  • Built Up Area: 10,00,000 Sq.ft.
  • Housing Prototype: Farmhouses
  • Amenities: clubhouse, shopping market, school, resort and golfcourse