Navjivan CHSL

Navjivan Society is one of Mumbai's oldest and biggest housing societies located at Mumbai Central. The society is spread over 2.48 hectares and has a total of 18 buildings. Many members are desiring to go for self-redevelopment and are exploring the feasibility of the same. IMK has collaborated with various other consultants, experts in their fields, to put up a proposal for self-redevelopment of the society. The plot is located on a busy commercial street, and comprises of many residential towers, shops and garages. Many members are apprehensive about moving out of their homes during redevelopment. Hence, the design has proposed minimal relocation and a phasing strategy to ensure the same.

Two separate zones have been created, which are integrated homogeneously, and at the same time provide privacy to the residential areas in all respects. The commercial zone is adjacent to the adjoining busy commercial street, while the residential zone is tucked at the back with access from the less busier side streets.

The commercial zone is planned around a central green space and the building is terraced above, creating spill out spaces for the offices on the higher floors.

The entrance into the public space has been designed to ensure maximum visibility to passers-by, inviting them to step in and explore. This helps in increasing the footfall of shops both along the busy street as well as within, thus increasing their commercial value. Special attention has been paid to the hawkers along the street and the design has proposed their relocation in harmony with the proposed shopping street plaza. A 10 level podium which accommodated 3000 parking has terrace gardens on top which is ten times more than the existing recreation space

The residential towers are on an average 70 storied high with intermittent double height terraces to offer interactive and recreation spaces to the residents at closer reach. The buildings offer residents amazing views of the city and the Arabian Sea along the horizon.

Project Facts
  • Project: Self Redevelopment of Navjivan Society
  • Area: 45,00,000 Sq.ft.
  • Location: Mumbai Central, Mumbai
  • Status: Proposal
  • Cost: Approx. Rs. 1600 Crores