Otters Club

"Ingeniously and indigenously, the stoic solidity of stone was transformed into a delicate latticework"

Otters Club was one of the first aquatic clubs to come up in Bandra at a time when Bandra was a far-flung suburb.

The Club was designed to make the maximum out of the magnificent views the Arabian sea offered. It was designed to be as visually porous as possible so as to enhance its connection to the sea.

A curtain jaali wall was created using a delicate, elaborate latticework in stone. This indigenous and innovative use of stone required the skill of the best craftsmanship of Indian artisans. The voids and solids interplayed dramatically with light and shade. This screen wall was decorative and served as a breather for the windows behind it. The stone used not only did away with the need of constant maintenance but also shut out ugly trappings hanging out of open windows.

Today however, the original design has been bludgeoned out of shape. It has been redesigned into a faceless concrete fa├žade.

Project Facts
  • Building type: Clubhouse
  • Location: Mumbai
  • Status: Completed - 1973