Reliance Guest House

"The Reliance guesthouse, built in tropical Sassan, uses earthy tones and materials to create a relaxing post-work environment"

We set out to design a guesthouse that had the power to calm and restore executives after a stressful day at work. The idea of melding the buildings with the natural environment to create a sense of relaxation formed the basis of our design. The structures were camouflaged with screens of bamboo and creepers, to merge the built form with nature.

The entrance to the guest house was planned through a narrow pathway designed as a series of frames; descending along a water cascade this enters into a huge lobby area which opens out into scenic views of the valley. A buggy pathway extends from this lobby to the right wing - VIP units, comprising of a module of two suites.

The units were placed along the topography of the land negotiating with various levels to attain utmost privacy for each unit. They were then oriented overlooking the best views in the area. The design of suites includes a living & dining space with a master bedroom and a deck for outdoor living.

The left wing of the lobby leads to a ground plus one floor structure, which comprises of 30 guest rooms & service areas. Twenty rooms open up towards the valley and ten rooms overlook the hills. Each room has a private deck with a special view.

The building has a kitchen, dining hall & recreational space.

Project Facts
  • Area: 57500 Sqft
  • Location: Sasan, Madhya Pradesh
  • Status: Proposal
  • Client: Reliance Power
  • Cost: Rs. 11.5 crore
  • Number Of Rooms: 40