Reliance School

"A superior school where children can explore colours and textures in a manner such that education and design are co-dependant."

The Reliance school is proposed to be built in the Sasan Ultra Mega Power Plant (SUMPP) township of Madhya Pradesh. The school is meant for children of staff-members working in the power plant and is designed to create an innovative and interactive space.

The school will be based on a cluster of small buildings for each programme (i.e. pre-primary, primary, secondary, administration, canteen and auditorium) in order for there to be a special emphasis on each age-group. A break –up of this sort will also reduce the noise between classes and allow students to study better.

Each building is designed with the children’s developmental needs and stage of learning in mind. The scale between buildings and the safety of the children was of prime importance while designing the campus; every building has a different entrance gateway, with gated internal courts for smaller activities and classrooms to meet these goals. Each gateway has been made welcoming enough to make for a warm environment that is conducive to learning.

The school buildings have been assembled to form an enclosed double-height court for school recreation and assembly activities; this court was covered with a light-weight metal frame and roof to provide protection from Sasan’s harsh sun.

Sasan has a tropical climate where the temperature goes up to 45 degrees celsius during summer. The building is designed to respond to this climatic condition. The various courtyards act as an effective ventilation mechanism during both summer and winter.

All the classrooms have been designed with the larger windows facing north, for glare-free natural light, and all corridors have been aligned to the south.

Project Facts
  • Area: 104900 sq. ft.
  • Location: Sasan, Madhya Pradesh
  • Status: Proposal
  • Client: Reliance Power
  • Cost: Rs. 20 Crore
  • Number Of students: 1300