Sahyadri Guest house

"The Sahyadri Guest House rises like a royal residence, with ruby red roofs and wide balconies overlooking leafy green environs"

The new Sahayadri Guest House is a blend of functionality and aesthetics. Whilst the colonial aura of the original bungalow was maintained, thoughtful design and planning added a sophisticated elegance and grandeur to the new Sahyadri Guest House - the showpiece of Maharashtra

The driveway leading to the Guest House culminates in a sweeping staircase and porch. The entrance lobby serves as a lavish foyer for the surrounding conference and banquet rooms. The lobby is tastefully done up with an intricate ceiling composed of carved wooden beams and a magnificent chandelier. Adjoining this are quiet sea-facing alcoves with private sit outs for the ministers.

The conferring and banquets facilities occupy most of the ground floor; the first and second floors are devoted to the residential and presidential Suites.

The Guest House is a treasure trove of intricate details and artistic flourishes. The conference rooms are decorated with paintings depicting scenes of Maharashtra whilst the Banquet Rooms are adorned with works of arts created out of silk. Every small element has been thoughtfully designed. Elevator buttons are placed on small pedestals instead of the walls for aesthetic appeal. Even the clocks in the rooms are specially designed!

Given the magnitude and detailing of the project it is surprising that it was completed within a span of just two years.

Project Facts
  • Area: 10910 metre square
  • Location: Malabar Hill, Mumbai
  • Status: Completed - 1994
  • Client: Government of Maharashtra
  • Cost: Rs. 20 crore