SGC Towncentre

"The focal point of the town of Shankargudda needed to thrive with people and activity. This was achieved by integrating open plazas and public food courts into the design"

The existing town of Shankargudda in Bellary was built to house the labourers working in the JSW steel plant. The town centre plot is about 2.3 acres in area, located centrally at the junction of four roads, such that it is conveniently within walking distance for all occupants.

The town center was planned with a front plaza at the shopping building, leading into a compact internal court. The other buildings comprising the town center are accessible through this court. This arrangement ensures that both the plaza and the court are lively and energetic at all times. Shaded seating and children’s play areas invite visitors to socially interact with each other, hence enhancing the community feel.

The Shopping building is placed such that it addresses the approach road, leading visitors into the town centre through a gateway. The clock tower on the roof level adds to the grandeur. This central court of the town Centre leads into the food court located on the right side, the vegetable market in the front and sports building on the left, each entrance marked by a gateway.

As the site is located in a dry and arid region, the buildings are designed with shaded wide corridors and verandahs so that the spaces are comfortable and are used throughout the day.

Project Facts
  • Building type: Shopping building, Vegetable market, Food court & Badminton hall
  • Area: 25,000 Sq.ft.
  • Location: Shankargudda township,Torangallu,bellary
  • Status: Completed - 2013
  • Client: JSW Steel works Pvt Ltd
  • Cost: Rs. 5.8 crore